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“The philosophical farmer or guide to exploring nature through observation and experiment” is a treatise by Johann Andreas Naumann, that appeared in 1791.


In his treatise Johann Andreas Naumann devoted himself to nature in four paragraphs:

  1. Of nature and it´s effects
  2. Of the impending weather changes
  3. Of the effects of nature in the animal kingdom
  4. From alchemy

Johann Andreas Naumann  is an important German ornithologist and initiator of the Naumann collections in the Naumann-Museum Cöthen, »the only Biedermeier natural history collection, that has been preserved in it´s original condition«. He is Johann Friedrich Naumann´s father, the co-founder of the German Ornithological Society.


Mission Statement

Neither greed or ambition impels us to observe the world as philosophical farmers. We feel nothing  other than a true human love, to relieve all inquisitive persons, from all the painstaking efforts, which can sometimes require a period of several years. As we ourselves  know from experience, how nice it is when a good friend shows an advantage, which saves us great difficulties and time than if we had to find it out ourselves.


With this trust we,  the Philosophical farmers are willing to serve our highly esteemed public service at all times.


Free according to the preface Johann Andreas Naumann

The Philosophical Farmer. Read!