Operas have always been porous objects, they are highly permeable to various types of art: stage painting, costume and mask making, music, singing, dance and drama.


So far, however, nobody has named an opera porous, and above all, nobody has ever made a porous opera. We will change that and perform our Porous Opera in a world premiere as part of the Enescu Project’s UT Classic series.


There is music and singing. And true to the motto of the Philosophical Farmers, neither greed or ambition impels us, we leave singing and playing with great joy up to friendly people who are very good at this.

Edita Karkoschka

Vocals, Electronics, Piano

Gyldfeldt Quartett

Violin, Viola, Cello

And so that something is to see, the Philosophical Farmers put a Porous Wunderkammer Frame on the stage in which beautiful works of art can be admired.


We look forward to the Porous Wunderkammer Frame, made by Holzfreunde, and to our guests' artworks:  Tavi MeraudOlivia W. SeilingJohanna TiedtkeAndree Volkmann, Tammo Winkler. And we look forward to the artworks of our own: Ursula AchternkampArthur Baron von AktaionHelmut Kraus, Peter Malnikow, Maeve von Ungern-Tannenberg


You can find out more about the creation of the Porous Opera here: Naumann News

World Premiere - Leipzig - UT Connewitz



Act 1

Act 2

Act 3



Many thanks for the photographic documentation to Mr. Kurtz, Claudius Herwig and Arthur Baron von Aktaion

UT Connewitz

Wolfgang-Heinze-Str. 12a

04277 Leipzig